Are you considering Early Decision?

The best reason to apply Early Decision is this: You have found a college that is an absolute first choice. You know that it’s the right fit. If Muhlenberg is that college, then please do apply early decision.

When you apply Early Decision, you’re expressing your preference in a way that is powerful and important. Nothing else in the application process provides this same opportunity.

Here is how our Early Decision program works:

1. Application deadlines – Early Decision I: November 15, Early Decision II: February 1, and Regular Decision: February 1.

2. When do we notify? - Early Decision I - December 15 and Early Decision II - late-February. 

3. What about financial aid? - We pledge to all Early Decision applicants that we will treat them fairly for financial aid and we will run early need-based and merit aid processes so that students admitted Early Decision know about financial aid before they are required to deposit. In order to hear about need-based aid as quickly as possible after an Early Decision acceptance, please file a FAFSA and Muhlenberg College Scholarship and Aid Application (and after October 1) within a week of applying to Muhlenberg. 

If you wish to be considered for merit aid only, you are not required to submit financial aid paperwork. 

4. What is your commitment? - If you are admitted Early Decision, you’re expected to withdraw other applications and enroll at Muhlenberg. This is a promise you should take seriously.

For more information on applying to Muhlenberg, please call us at 484-664-3200, or contact us at Good luck!

Early Decision Checklist


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